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Looking for a Supervisor?

Looking for a Supervisor?

Selecting a LPC Supervisor is one of the most important decisions of your career. I have had my supervision license since 2012 and love teaching, sharing, and supporting other professionals, particularly those in training. You can even become part of a collaborative therapy group which includes both therapists and psychiatrists!

I am dedicated to providing my associates with real-world, down to earth supervision in a relaxed environment. I feel that a genuine respect for each other is necessary. I do not intend to show you or tell you how to do psychotherapy. I can only help you to discover who you are as a therapist. I believe that healing takes place in the context of a mutually empathic, growth-fostering relationship. I have used a variety of different orientations within my roles as a psychotherapist, including relational-cultural, cognitive-behavioral, Rogerian, psychodynamic, and solution-focused.

There is no fee for the initial meeting with me. Because this relationship is so important to your career and to those you will be helping, we will look closely at our styles at the initial meeting to make sure that you will get the most out of your supervision experience. While demeanor and general attitude is very casual, our supervision experience is approached from a very professional, intuitive, and empirical perspective.

I am looking forward to working with associates who have a strong ethical and moral foundation, accept responsibility and exhibit commitment to time management, a willing-to-learn attitude and a dedication to the counseling profession, in addition to a desire for professional growth. I am still excited about my work and I hope you are passionate as well.

Helping my supervisees find their own path and counseling style that incorporates their core beliefs and personalities, while maintaining an ethically sound practice is fun and exciting for me, and a job I take very seriously!

Finding a supervisor is an important decision that should be considered carefully. Your relationship with your supervisor will help you deal with difficult cases you encounter, manage any counter transference you may experience, and provide you with a third party who can help you explore various interventions and treatment modalities.

I believe the most interesting aspect of this experience involves translating your academic experience into real-life counseling and experimenting with your belief about how therapeutic change can occur within a counseling relationship while, at the same time developing a style and approach that is unique to you. Your practicum and field experience gave you a start in this direction. Your postgraduate experience as an LPC-Associate will take that learning to the next level!

Many LPC-Associates find that their relationship with their supervisor sometimes takes on a therapeutic dynamic, as they explore feelings of accomplishment and adventure, contrasted with anxiety and uncertainty. Learning to manage these contrasting experiences is a critical step in your development, as it helps you to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

In conclusion, I consider it a blessing and a privilege to get to help those new to the field, as I also consider it a blessing to have had mentors in my own life that have supported me and helped me to become a better therapist.

I invite you to call for an informal conversation if you are interested in setting up our initial meeting. My phone number is (210) 557-9212.

Supervision Fee: $260/month (includes individual and group sessions when feasible)


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